Testimonials Regarding Our CPR Training Courses

“I was having my weekly manicure when I heard a choking sound behind me, when I turned to look, there was a small child choking. Thanks to my training in Choking for Adults, Children and Infants, I was able to dislodge a piece of candy from the child’s throat. I Saved a Life!”

“My CPR training saved my child’s life! 2 days after training in CPR and Emergency First Aide, I was able to save my 2 year old who had swallowed a coin. My first response was panick….but I remember my infant choking class I had taken the past Saturday and saved my little girls’ life. Thank You VCTraining!!!”

“I loved everything, it was my first course and I loved it! Instructor made the class comfortable and easy to learn.”

“Great job, very informative, the instructor made this class fun and easy to understand. Easy to ask questions. Good atmosphere for learning.”